Bodybuilding vs Medical School

I know this is a grossly random topic in the scope of our discussion, but I felt that a new change of pace would be appropriate in relating the problem of our medical education (and becoming reliant on the wrong motivational source) to one of my personal experiences — trying to achieve an ideal physique

A Glance at Doctor Wicks

  Hey guys! Since it is approaching the end of the 2015 year (where did the time go huh?), I wanted to delve into something a little bit more ambitious, might you say. I want to give an attempt at creating a gateway to explore more in depth an idea that I’ve coined as the

Medical Scribe – Wikipedia Style

Hi my fellow future doctors, PAs, NPs, health professionals, etc… Today we are going to talk about a relatively new topic that has very quickly made its mark on the medical community of both students and professionals: the Medical Scribe. I’ve recently become hired as a medical scribe at the emergency department of a hospital